I am co-Owner/Director of Rojas + Rubensteen Projects in Little River, Miami.  Please visit Rojas + Rubensteen Projects for more information. As a Miami local with strong ties to the South Florida arts community, I am committed to the bright future that is this city’s promise as one of the multicultural and creative hubs of our increasingly complex world. I believes the consumption of art should be a non-elite, non-hierarchical process driven by diversity, transparency, passion and dialogue. 

My work at the Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami and Wilkinson Gallery in London has given me a well-rounded understanding of the contemporary art market. I also bring to Rojas + Rubensteen Projects, many years of management and marketing experience in financial services and with local Miami entrepreneurs.

I has an MA in Art History from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, and a BA in Art History from Florida International University (FIU).